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Largest Earthquake in the US

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New Madrid Earthquake Zone

Could we be at the cusp of another big quake? If this occurs, will the rivers run backwards, like they did in 1811-1812? After the February 7 earthquake, boatmen reported that the Mississippi actually ran backwards for several hours. The force of the land upheaval 15 miles south of New Madrid created Reelfoot Lake, drowned the inhabitants of an Indian village; turned the river against itself to flow backwards; devastated thousands of acres of virgin forest; and created two temporary waterfalls in the Mississippi. Boatmen on flatboats actually survived this experience and lived to tell the tale.

This is a region that experienced one of the worst earthquakes this country had ever seen. The New Madrid has been rumbling and there’s been reports of booms and huge bangs, being heard, which happened in the big quakes that took place there in 1811 and 1812.

In Alabama recently there have been reports of unexplained “Booms” and ground shifting. States all the way to the center of the Madrid fault have reported similar experiences.

Of the bordering states along the New Madrid fault, northern to west central Alabama is at greater risk than most because of its massive limestone formations that easily break with ground movement. The limestone can then either fall into massive underground cauldrons washed out over millions of years, or crack and be thrust upwards. Such was the case in 1812 when areas in west central Alabama were shoved upwards in some cases over 50 feet, and others depressed creating the rolling landscape now exhibited today in northern Alabama. In 1812, at the time of the New Madrid earthquake, Alabama was sparsely populated – that is not the case today.

Are you prepared for such a catastrophic event? The New Madrid is not some conspiracy theory, but hard, cold fact. The activity there recently implies they could be in for another event soon.

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